Keto diet: for a week or for life?

The low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet did not appear yesterday. Few people know that it was originally used as part of the complex treatment of epilepsy in children. In adult therapy, a light version is used, better known as the Atkins diet. Such a keto diet for a week has a more varied menu, with the presence of carbohydrates, but first things first.

What is the essence of the ketogenic diet?

As already mentioned, this nutrition system provides for the rejection of carbohydrates in favor of fats and proteins. This is necessary so that the body begins to burn its own available reserves and thus lose weight. The thing is that the greatest interest for him as an energy source is glucose. It is very quickly absorbed and provides instant brain nutrition. In the absence of glucose, the liver has no choice but to use its own accumulated reserves, converting fat into fatty acids and the so-called ketone bodies. They take on the function of glucose, nourishing the brain, as well as other organs and tissues.

Today, the ketogenic diet is used to treat other neurological and not only diseases – Alzheimer’s disease, autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes. The diet improves insulin resistance, helps control blood glucose levels, lipid metabolism and acts as a preventive measure for many cardiovascular pathologies. Even such a seemingly unrelated problem as acne ceases to bother, because sweets cause inflammation in the body, and a low-carb diet eliminates it by clearing the skin. This is confirmed by a study by specialists from the School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Many athletes – marathon runners, crossfit cyclists, practice the keto diet, but it would be strange if it did not attract the attention of those who want to get in shape. It must be emphasized that we are talking specifically about bringing oneself into shape, the formation of a proportional relief, since weight loss occurs indirectly on “drying”. If a person maintains his physical activity, then the lost adipose tissue goes away, and its place is replaced by muscle. However, the appearance, no doubt, is changing. Loose, soft tissues are replaced by muscles, the correct forms are formed, the skin is tightened, cellulite disappears.

Allowed and prohibited foods

First you need to understand what foods provide the body with carbohydrates, and abandon them. First of all it is:

  1. Sweets – sweets, cakes, pastries, muffins and pastries.
  2. Cereals – buckwheat, rice, barley, corn, barley, semolina, etc.
  3. Fruits, especially sweet ones – apples, pears, figs, grapes, etc.
  4. Some of the vegetables and root vegetables are potatoes, yams, etc.

All types of meat and fish, sub- and seafood, milk and sour-milk drinks, and vegetables are allowed. The classic keto diet provides for a weight ratio of fats to proteins and carbohydrates in the region of 4:1. However, losing weight is recommended to shift this ratio in the direction of increasing proteins and reducing fats. Therefore, it is better to refuse too fatty meats, as well as fat, brains, etc. But you can choose any fish, besides, the protein of aquatic and marine life is better absorbed by the body. But the main benefit is the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in it, which are essential for the cardiovascular system.

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They improve blood circulation, have a cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic effect, reduce inflammatory processes in the body and enhance tissue nutrition. Vegetable oils are another source of vitamin F. While the vast majority of dietary fats are long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids that are more suitable for this diet. Therefore, it is on coconut oil that you should pay attention to choosing this nutrition system .

Greens and leafy vegetables are the best choices on this diet. Green beans, broccoli, spinach, green peas, asparagus – all of which can be consumed in almost unlimited quantities. From them you can prepare salads, use as a side dish for meat or fish, cold appetizers. Unsweetened berries and fruits can also be allowed from time to time, as well as nuts and seeds. Almond nut, flour from it can be the subject of a huge number of experiments.

sample menu

As you can see, the losing weight hands are untied. He is practically not constrained in the volume of portions, no one is forcing him to starve. Only those with a sweet tooth can feel the restriction, but they can easily find a suitable replacement for their favorite products. Here is a sample diet menu for one day:

  • for breakfast: scrambled eggs with tea without sugar;
  • second breakfast: fresh vegetable salad;
  • lunch: mushroom cream soup with cheese and champignons;
  • for an afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole with berries;
  • for dinner: fish cooked with steamed vegetables;
  • before going to bed a glass of yogurt.

Side effects of the keto diet

Along with numerous advantages, the keto diet also has one disadvantage associated with the development of ketoacidosis. The thing is that an increase in the level of ketone bodies in the blood leads to a pronounced toxic effect – a person feels sick, vomits, he feels weakness and a drop in efficiency. In addition, the phenomenon of dehydration, that is, dehydration, is observed. In a special risk group are diabetics, in whom ketoacidosis can lead to serious acute complications and even death.

Therefore, this diet, the delivery of which has gained such popularity today, should be used with great care. It is necessary to replenish fluid losses by getting enough plain clean water and trying to still consume carbohydrates, albeit in a minimal amount. If there are any diseases, especially of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting a diet . If you do not feel a breakdown, but on the contrary, are cheerful, cheerful and active, then you are doing everything right. In any case, the ketogenic diet cannot be followed for life. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to adhere to the principles of a rational and balanced diet and, of course, exercise regularly.