Tomato diet for weight loss

Among all existing vegetables, tomatoes have gained special fame and, I must say, it is no coincidence. Juicy, fragrant and incredibly tasty, they can decorate any table, become part of a salad, sauce, first or second course. Baked and dried tomatoes are considered a real delicacy and even in unripe green form are good as pickles. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tomato diet is so popular among those who are struggling with being overweight. The MedAboutMe website also decided to figure out what its essence and benefits are.

The benefits of red vegetables

In fact, they can be not only red, but also yellow, white, although the composition of the vegetable does not change dramatically from this. In all species that exist today, there are vitamins K, C, group B, mineral salts – iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, as well as organic acids and enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, pectin. Here it is so useful – this tomato, a diet on which can solve a lot of health problems and prevent the emergence of new ones. Tomatoes help control blood glucose levels. Having a lower glycemic index, they have a positive effect on the redox potential in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

If you have high cholesterol, the diet will help bring it back to normal, and at the same time normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of blood clots. Tomatoes contain a lot of chemical compounds that are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. This is primarily lycopene, around which there has been a lot of talk in scientific circles. Potassium is also of interest to the main “motor” of the body, acting as the main prevention of the development of stroke, which is confirmed by a study by scientists from the Medical Faculty of the University of Naples. And finally, it should be noted the invaluable help in losing weight, and all thanks to the low calorie content, lack of fat and the presence of a large amount of fiber.

In addition, losing weight will be interesting to know that these fleshy vegetables can stimulate the production of a vitamin-like substance in the body, carnitine, which is considered an “accelerator” of fat burning. All this and not only attracts the active attention of people to tomatoes, seeking to get rid of hated kilograms with their help. Tomatoes can be used for fasting days, a short-term diet and proper nutrition, but first things first.

Unloading days on tomatoes

On this option, those who are overweight do not exceed the norm too much. It is also suitable if you want to unload after a festive feast. However, for those who have already achieved a certain result in losing weight, this is also an excellent option that allows you to consolidate the effect. In fact, this is a one-day mono-diet, during which you can eat only tomatoes and plain clean water. The diet will improve digestion, remove excess fluid from the body and normalize intestinal motility. Vegetables can be eaten not only in their pure form, but also stewed, baked in the oven or on the grill.

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3 day tomato diet

This option is more sparing than the previous one, besides, it is more advantageous in terms of menu variety. Tomatoes still form the basis of the diet, but they can and should be combined with other products that meet the principles of proper nutrition. Before you find out what can be consumed during a three-day diet , you should familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited foods:

  1. Fast food, semi-finished products, products in a vacuum.
  2. Smoked products, lard, sausages.
  3. Pickles and products in marinades, canned food.
  4. Fatty meats and offal, with the exception of the tongue.
  5. Mayonnaise, ketchup and all other store-bought sauces.
  6. Muffins and pastries, fresh bread, sweets.
  7. Purchased juices, sweet sodas, alcohol.

If someone thinks that there are too few foods left to make up your diet, then he is mistaken. It also seems so because a person has practically no opportunity to use ready-made products. You have to stand at the stove, and for some, this is the main problem. However, you can find a way out of this situation, for example, to cook dishes for the future, to freeze them. Some even put broths in the freezer to defrost as needed and cook something in a hurry.

Lean meat – rabbit, beef, veal is available to everyone without exception, like fish, although here nutritionists are not so strict and not only do not prohibit, but recommend choosing fatty representatives rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, incredibly healthy. They can also be found in large quantities in vegetable oils, ideal for dressing salads along with soy sauce and lemon juice. You can boil cereals as a side dish for meat, and cook cereals for breakfast from them.

Even sweets, with a special desire, you can choose useful for the figure – marshmallow, jam, dried fruits, marmalade. Tomatoes, along with other representatives of a huge family of vegetables, should be included in the daily menu on a regular basis, as well as fruits and berries. They are also rich in fiber of various types and can improve digestion, normalize metabolism and relieve constipation, which often affects obese people.